August 2014

Hello from Los Angeles, California!

I arrived here on Wednesday afternoon with my dad and we promptly drove to find food after we picked up the rental car. We decided on the restaurant “Tasty Gardens” in Monterey Park, nearby our hotel. It’s sort of our “go-to” place to eat ever since we stumbled upon it a few years ago.

I got a chicken soup with noodles; it’s a pretty simple dish that filled up my stomach happily~ There was also unlimited refills for the iced tea and Hong Kong milk tea so that was pretty great!  I also ordered the Chocolate Honey Toast for dessert :3 It was quite yummy; although I do prefer the one from HardWok Cafe haha.


That’s it for now… Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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August 2014

I went camping two weeks ago with my friend and family! The view of the lakes and sunset were super pretty <3 And I was lucky enough to get a kiss from my kitty when I came home~

I’m currently now on vacation in California for a few days before I head back home in time for my mom’s wedding! Expect more posts out once I’m home :)

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August 2014

I headed over to Urban Outfitters today just to browse through the store. I was actually shopping on their website, in search of comfy tops. I didn’t find anything in store, but I did spot this cute hand cream! I saw it the last several times I was in the store but never actually stopped to look at it.

The packing is simple and cute. And the container that holds the hand cream is shaped like a peach! Although slightly inconvenient to carry around, it’s definitely easy to find in my bag because of the shape and color~The hand cream itself is super light and moisturizing. The scent is such an added bonus. (I keep smelling my hands >_>)

Now I’m looking into other Tony Moly products. Have you bought any Tony Moly products? If so, what are your experiences? :)

July 2014


This was my outfit from yesterday; I finally decided to wear my Zara skirt out! Yes, this is a skirt.

I got this piece during the Zara sale online. I was mindlessly browsing their site during a sale, thinking that I wouldn’t find anything. Boy was I wrong. I instantly fell in love with this skirt and almost couldn’t decide between this pink color and a light grey color. I ended up choosing the pink and couldn’t wait for the package to come! When I finally got it I was super glad that not only did the skirt look just like the pictures online, the fabric felt soo soft too!

But there’s just the slightest problem with this skirt.

It’s too long for me (aka I’m too short for it).

So i pulled up the skirt and decided it can serve another purpose: as a dress. Needless to say I think it looks great as a dress too~ But now I have the dilemma of… do I want to hem it to the proper length as a skirt? Or do I want to keep it long for dress-wearing purposes… Hm…

What do you guys think? Hope you enjoyed the photos!

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