July 2014


I recently picked up the stila "dual lip and cheek cream"in petunia and just wanted to share my thoughts on it! I am in NO WAY a makeup expert, or knowledgeable in that area at all. Sure sure I do like applying and playing with makeup but I just buy whatever at Sephora or at a drugstore to suit my needs.

I actually got this item at the duty free store ^^ It was $23 and I picked it up cause the color was super cute and I’ve never tried a cheek AND lip color before. It comes in this cute compact case that is easy to carry around but a hassle if you want to use a brush to apply since there’s no place for a brush. I was feeling super fancy and used my lip brush to apply it here, but I’d probably just use my fingers when I’m out and about.

The color is a nice light shade of pink/coral and it is certainly a new favorite shade of mine. It’s subtle yet a bit different from my usual (which is no lip color at all lol!). That being said, it doesn’t apply on that smoothly and if you observe closely you can see the color piling up in my lips.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post~

July 2014

Earlier this week I went to Ballard with my friend for a little food excursion! :3 I’m such a foodie-lover. We strolled around Ballard and ended up at Uma for Thai food. Since we weren’t that hungry, we shared a Phad See Ew dish. Then we headed over to Hot Cakes! And got the “dark decadence molten chocolate cake”. Mm it was delicious~ It’s served hot in this cute wooden plate; the center was rich with molten chocolate and the vanilla ice cream perfectly balanced the whole thing.

I’d definitely go back and try the other dishes there~!

July 2014

Last weekend, I went to the Dragon Fest/Night Market in International District! It was my first time going there~ It was quite crowded and the lines were super long at some of the places. I walked around the area and then decided to eat at a restaurant because it was so crowded and I don’t particularly like eating while walking.

I stopped in Maneki and enjoyed some takoyaki and chicken~ Given that I don’t really enjoy sashimi and tempura, the food was quite good. And the service was very nice because the owner got a table even though they were pretty much booked with reservations :)

July 2014

This week, it’s been quite hot and I’m struggling to find outfits to wear to work and also just to wear outside. I’ve been looking for more shorts to add to my closet but most of them are too short and not casual-work appropriate! I recently bought these white laced shorts from Banana Republic, and I love how comfy they are. But the struggle to find more shorts/denim shorts is so real…

I tried a new bubble tea place in the mall called “Braganza Tea”. The menu is clean looking, with lovely pictures to accompany the drinks. But the milk tea itself is not to my liking :(

I also went to this Japanese restaurant, Issian, with my friend for lunch this week. I ordered the small sukiyaki bowl and she got the creamy udon and fried chicken wings. The sukiyaki bowl was a perfect size and was quite delicious! I honestly prefer sukiyaki from Ramen Man more though .-. The creamy udon is not my favorite… I prefer clear broth udon. Afterwards I ventured into the Chocolati Cafe nearby and tried one of their rich chocolate drinks!

I guess as you can see my life practically revolves around food…. ~_~

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