September 2014


I’m sharing photos from an old impromptu mini photoshoot! My outfit wasn’t all that special at all, but the lighting was lovely and the garden was quite nice~

August 2014

And this is where I headed off to right after I landed in Seattle two weeks ago: Union, WA for my mom’s wedding (reception)!

The first two photos are from my mom’s actual wedding ceremony held at a local park. I squished myself into a 00-sized 8th grade dress. Wow that was like wearing a tight corset the whole night.

The reception (where the actual partaaaay happened) was in Union, WA in a house overlooking the Hood Canal. The view was breathtaking and the weather was wonderfully sunny! I wore a Ralph Lauren blue evening gown, with my mom wearing a wonderful BCBG dress :) The cake was oh-so-delicious, with the red velvet layer being my favorite.

I ended this wonderful excursion with a lovely soak at the hot tub provided at the house, that had a gorgeous 180˚ glass view of the Hood Canal. What can be better than soaking in a tub with an amazing view?? :D

August 2014

Recap of my trip from two weeks ago to Los Angeles, California!

-I went to the L.A. Zoo with my dad and saw the cutest lions and koalas :3 
-I went to Little Tokyo for the first time and found the most amazing grocery store with all sorts of snacks and goodies~
-I got addicted to iced coffee from McCafe. (oops)

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August 2014

Hello from Los Angeles, California!

I arrived here on Wednesday afternoon with my dad and we promptly drove to find food after we picked up the rental car. We decided on the restaurant “Tasty Gardens” in Monterey Park, nearby our hotel. It’s sort of our “go-to” place to eat ever since we stumbled upon it a few years ago.

I got a chicken soup with noodles; it’s a pretty simple dish that filled up my stomach happily~ There was also unlimited refills for the iced tea and Hong Kong milk tea so that was pretty great!  I also ordered the Chocolate Honey Toast for dessert :3 It was quite yummy; although I do prefer the one from HardWok Cafe haha.


That’s it for now… Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

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