July 2014


This was my outfit from yesterday; I finally decided to wear my Zara skirt out! Yes, this is a skirt.

I got this piece during the Zara sale online. I was mindlessly browsing their site during a sale, thinking that I wouldn’t find anything. Boy was I wrong. I instantly fell in love with this skirt and almost couldn’t decide between this pink color and a light grey color. I ended up choosing the pink and couldn’t wait for the package to come! When I finally got it I was super glad that not only did the skirt look just like the pictures online, the fabric felt soo soft too!

But there’s just the slightest problem with this skirt.

It’s too long for me (aka I’m too short for it).

So i pulled up the skirt and decided it can serve another purpose: as a dress. Needless to say I think it looks great as a dress too~ But now I have the dilemma of… do I want to hem it to the proper length as a skirt? Or do I want to keep it long for dress-wearing purposes… Hm…

What do you guys think? Hope you enjoyed the photos!

July 2014

Wishlist Wednesdays

I’m sure a lot of people have this problem (maybe), but I can’t seem to help wanting to buy more stuff! By stuff I mean almost ANYTHING, from shoes to jackets to phone accessories. So I’ve compiled a little list of things I’ve been drooling over…

1. Running shoes


Recently, I’ve been  exercising more, so I’ve been buying more workout gear and of course, sporty shoes come with the package! I really want a new pair of Nike running shoes for every day wear cause some are so nice looking and comfy.

2. Boots


Heh, it might be a little early for fall clothes but I’m already looking for comfy over-sized knits and boots to match :3

3. Loose white tees


I’ve been searching for the perfect loose-fitted white tee to pair with my jeans and skirts but I just haven’t found it yet T^T

4. Kimono cardigan


Some of these are soooo pretty and then the other ones are like eh… But I really want one to add to my collection of clothes

5. Floral dresses


I think the slip dresses from Free People and Anthropolgie are super cute but they’re so expensive! I really want to do a FP or Brandy Melville haul….

That’s it for now! So many things I want but I really need to save… So? What’s on your wishlist?

July 2014

The other day, I went hiking with family up to Tolmie Peak trail in the Mt. Rainier National Park! From where we parked, we were supposed to pass by two lakes and then go up to the lookout. Supposedly, the hike from where we parked to the lookout point was “only” 3.5 miles or so. By the time I got to the second lake, I was so pooped out. But I finally made it to the lookout and the view was breathtaking! Mt. Rainier was right in front of me and I could see Mount St. Helens. :)

On the way back I felt pretty brave and swam around in the lake. It was FREEZING (probably around 40˚F or so…) And it wasn’t until I got out that I realized I punctured my toe and scratched my knees on rocks.

Overall it was a pretty fun hike! If I can tough out the early morning wake up call then I will surely go hiking more.

July 2014

Week in photos!

-I went to an informal wedding reception/dinner. I’ve never really gone to one so I just wore a simple black dress that I bought from Urban Outfitters and did some light makeup. I got my eyebrows done a few days before this for only $5 at Vancouver, BC!

-I had dinner with family and took a car selfie (teehee) with my biiiig glasses on. And oh look, a picture of one my kitties :3

-I tend to eat out a lot. I know it’s a bad habit and I really shouldn’t be spending so much money on food, but >_> food is so good! I grabbed an early dinner with my friend at boom noodles; eating a tokyo ramen and sharing a s’mores crepe.

-I must also say, I LOVE bubble tea :3 What an addiction. And here’s a picture of a random outfit this week~ I bought these high-waisted pants (which are super comfy btw), but they keep hitting my belly pierce T^T

-And finally, I saw “The Wall of Death” during my afternoon walk (lol!). And enjoyed the gorgeous view of Seattle from Gas Work Parks.

I promise there will be better posts coming soon! >.< But for now, these photos shall have to do.

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