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I love this jacket I got from Urban Outfitters! It was on sale for $20 and it’s so lovely. It’s a nice light jacket that is slightly over-sized and is a charcoal color so it’s a nice addition to my dark-black-palette closet :3

The lighting at home was nice today due to the sunny weather so I took the opportunity to snap some photos! I’m still enjoying my new hair color, but I’m contemplating if I want to lighten the ends a bit more.

27 03/14

I went to the Gary Manuel Aveda Institute last week to get my hair colored. My natural color is a dark brown, but since I colored it red/burgundy and I’ve bleached it… the colors on my head ranged from an orange tint to a light brown. I wanted to have my hair be a natural color, so I opted for jet black (which I’ve never had before). I wanted bleached white tips, sort of like an ombre effect.

The coloring process was about 3 hours, including dying my whole head black and lightening the tips. My stylist, Cassie, tried to make my ends as light as possible without killing my hair. It ended up being an orange-ish color on the ends.

Overall I like my hair color :3 I’m debating if I want to go back (as recommended) to get the tips lightened again. It was a pleasant experience though~ Especially since I’ve never had my hair colored in a salon.

25 03/14

Oh my odd looking face when I take photos.

I went to the Seattle Art Museum a couple weeks ago with my friend. It’s a nice and lovely place to go once in a while. I wore my friend’s wonderfully soft cardigan (+1 to having a fashionable roommate and friend!). I had such a great time because that was after my midterms were over~

20 03/14

These are just some pictures from awhile ago. The pasta and creme brulee was from Nordstrom Cafe; pasta being deliciously creamy but not overly creamy and the creme brulee being wonderfully warm and satisfying.

My hair has finally grown to the length where I can tie it into a bun! I love over-sized clothes, including long cardigans. This wonderful Gilly Hicks cardigan is so nice and warm :3

20 03/14
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13 02/14
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# dec. 20 ootd #

13 02/14

I had an interview today. I only had a black blazer and a couple dresses to choose from that was more “formal” to wear than just jeans and a blazer. I didn’t even have an appropriate skirt I could have worn ;_; So here’s what I wore today.

Coat: H&M

Dress: American Eagle

Tights: DKNY

Shoes: Steve Madden

Photo credits— my boyfriend :)

20 11/13


I have nothing to blog about really. I really wish I did. I also want to switch domains (again). But that won’t be decided until later. I might start dressing up more now and try to minimize my makeup/look natural and yep. I just want my hair to grow out more now. This is my outfit from yesterday.


19 11/13

Dinner: Facing East @ Bellevue

This place is pretty good. The service is fast and their food comes out pretty quick too. When it’s busy, the wait can be pretty long but this time it wasn’t that bad plus we had reservations. We ordered way more food than actually shown in the pictures, but because we were so hungry I forgot to take pictures of them. But in the end I was too full for my shaved ice dessert ;_; I had milk tea there though. Just personal preference, I like sweeter drinks so their milk tea isn’t ideal. But I’m full now and I had my 刈包 (Gua Bao aka Taiwanese Pork Burger) so yeah~

21 10/13

I decided to wear a skirt today. I bought this at a local store, Aprie. I think the buttons are really cute and the skirt is really soft~ My cousin gave me two pairs of boots, and here’s one of them! The weather has been decent, and should be this whole week. So I was able to layer with my cardigan and scarf instead of just bundling up in a big cozy sweatshirt and jeans allllll day.

21 10/13