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Trying to find my place in the world.
Hoping to meet new people.
Determined to travel the world and live in NYC in the future <3

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Week in photos!

This past week consisted of studying for my political science midterm, napping in the afternoons because of my early mornings and lack of energy later on, and work.

I also realized, after wearing heel-ed boots to class one day, that my flat feet results in my arch hurting after walking in heels for a while. But I can’t really wear flats because they hurt, too. Does anyone have any shoes to recommend??

I was also able to enjoy the rare sunny weekend in downtown Seattle <3 I shopped around and only bought two pairs of jeans from American Eagle. It was a wonderful weekend. And here’s to the next two crazy weeks with lessons, interviews, classes, and more midterms.

Cheers everyone!

Now that the coldness has pretty much settled and the warmth from the sun is gone, all I want to do is cuddle up in bed with my favorite stuffed animal and warp myself in fuzzy blankets.

My ideal room would have lots of open space and sunlight coming in. Heated hardwood floors also sounds nice, but I’ll take soft sheets and fluffy blankets any day. Christmas lights lining my bed frame and candles on my window sill sounds perfect too. A girl can dream. 

Stay warm everyone!

Mid-morning is probably my favorite time of day (at least, so far). It’s bright out, the air is still crisp, and I’m done with half of my classes! Haha. We all know what the most important reason was out of those three don’t we ;)

My favorite thing to do is lounge at home in comfortable sweats and a loose top or sports bra. I’m a little hesitant to say this but.. I don’t get people who stay nicely dressed/dress up when they’re home! Home = comfort.

I recently added another pair of sweats into my already-large collection. These are sooo soft on the inside though (I think they’re fleece-lined) and I love them! The elastic band on the bottom keeps it from dragging on the floor but they’re loose enough to leave wiggle room for my ankles. 

Anyone have other favorites for home-wear? 

It’s Instagram picture roundup time! Here are some photos from my phone (and Instagram) from the past two weeks or so. Enjoy~