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In this outfit I’m wearing a simple white tee with jeans; something I would wear everyday (and do wear often). I rolled up the jeans at the bottom to show off the anklet look that these gladiator sandals have! Otherwise the pretty assortment would have been covered by my too-long skinny jeans.

I’m also loving this white tee. It’s sort of boxy/loose, which is the shape I prefer more than tight tees. I just wish I could find more of these type of teesĀ  T^T

Seattle is having such wonderful sunny and warm weather (surprisingly) even though it’s mid-September. It’s midweek now so I hope everyone gets through the rest of this week!

P.S. Tying my hair in a bun gives me this “big” frizzy-ish hairdo LOL.

Hello to the start of a sunny week! I’m now officially one year older… and another year wiser?? Hahaha [I’m not too sure about that… yet]

These photos were taken last week when I was out. I’m wearing a casual grey heather/textured dress that is super comfortable and effortlessly cute! [If I do say so myself haha]. I’m drinking my delicious red bean milk tea with extra red bean in it and showing off my super cute Rilakkuma phone charm :3 I tied it to my phone case since the iPhone doesn’t have a place for charms.

Have a great Monday everyone!

P.S. I am SO sorry to that awful odd hair color that’s going on up there. A coloring job gone wrong at home has required me to go get it fixed at the salon this week ;_;

Tomorrow is finally Friday! I’m not sure if I should be excited or not for the weekend because it’s about one week away from the start of the quarter. On the bright side, I’ll be celebrating my birthday this week so yay! (Or not, one more year older T^T)

I found these photos while rummaging through my folders and I realized I never posted these. I’m wearing my comfy H&M maxi skirt here, with the print that reminds me of water or the ocean~ And what a coincidence, these photos were taken next to Lake Washington.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend! The weather is slowly transforming to the chilly coolness of fall and it’s getting darker outside; so enjoy summer while it lasts~

Let’s talk about milk tea!

As a kid, I liked it but I picked the most “standard” flavors ever: strawberry or honeydew. The fruity not-even-tasting-like-the-fruit, overly strong and sweet taste. You’re probably thinking, isn’t black of jasmine/green milk tea more standard? It probably is, but wherever I had it was more bitter and tea-tasting that I hated it and never bothered ordering it. Ever.

Two years ago, I started working at a Taiwanese cafe in the International District and milk tea was the staple drink that every customer ordered. I started drinking milk tea at every shift I had; often trying out new flavors. This, factored in with the fact I started learning how to make the drinks and having to taste test the drinks, started my road to obsession with milk tea.

For a while, I only drank milk tea. It was sweet and I was able to try different flavors in small servings. I realized I had a noticeable weight gain because of though, since the amount of sugar in it is extremely high. Plus, I LOVE the sweet drinks; caramel, caramel pudding, etc. I started cutting back and also started drinking just flavored water/tea.

Anyways! I just wanted to share this~

I love trying new milk tea places so feel free to recommend! And please share your favorite flavors and experience!